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Group/Centre Activities

Independent Life Service allows Individuals to participate in community, social and recreational activities. Our services may be provided at the institution or in the community.

Independent Life Service has the following group center services to provide:

Arts and Crafts

Independent Life Service actively supports you to pursue your interests through independent participation or small groups and activities are designed to encourage greater participation and inclusion such as drawing and painting, Scrapbooks and Photography.


Independent Life Service actively supports people with disabilities where you can not only learn to cook basic things but also learn about hygiene and food safety principals including:

  • Reading Recipe.
  • Food Look After / Safety.
  • Cooking nutritious meals and desserts.

Gardening / Flowering

We support people with disabilities in the Garden such as growing vegetables and fruits


Here at Independent Life Service, we support people with disabilities in dance. Dance is an example of a fun activity where you can enjoy with a group of friends who have the same interests.

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