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Assistive Prod-Household Task

Assistive products for household tasks are designed to meet individual needs to enhance independence, health, and wellbeing.

We can assist with assistive products for household tasks such as:

  • Providing wheelchairs and other mobility aids as well as products that help you with toileting, showering & other routine activities.
  • Our experts assess your home and suggest the daily living aids you can use for several purposes, such as opening containers, cooking food, etc.
  • Alarms and doorbells
  • Adapted clocks
  • Programmable memory aids
  • Environmental control units (ECUs)

Our team at Independent Life Service provides individuals with disability to gain full independence in the comfort of their own home. You tell us what assistance you need, and we are here to support you with as much or as little assistance you need. We are here to provide support with your daily household tasks so you can live independently.

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