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    Assists Life Stage Transition Assist Personal Activities Assist Travel Transport Innov Community Participation Development Life Skills Household Tasks Participate Community Interpreting Services

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    Participant Consent Section

    I understand that the following service(s) are recommended and relevant information about me may be forwarded to the agency(s) that provide these services, in order that I receive the best possible service: I understand that the service must comply with relevant privacy laws and I will contact the organization immediately if I feel that these laws have been breached. Hooyo Services will protect and store all my information in a locked file, and will not distribute my documents other than the listed services mentioned above. Management has discussed with me how and why certain information about me may need to be provided to other service providers. I understand that recommendation and I give my permission for the information to be shared with the people or agencies as detailed above. I agree with auditing bodies to access my files for review of Hooyo Services Quality assessment.