Incident Management

What Constitutes an Incident?

An incident could have resulted in, in the event of, a “Near Miss” property damage, injury/illness, or death.

Regarding Incidents

We consider your safety to be very important. We work very hard to deliver safe services. But mishaps do occur. Sometimes people behave unfairly and make mistakes. These things happen and are called “incidents.” This form describes our efforts to prevent incidents and our actions in the unlikely event that one does occur. Additionally, you can help to avoid incidents. Be cautious with your actions. Show consideration for those in your vicinity. Additionally, let someone know if you feel uncomfortable.

Having and Sensing Safety

NDIS providers must follow specific guidelines to ensure the safety of individuals. We work very hard to ensure everyone’s safety. That includes you, our staff, and other local citizens. We take into account both accident-causing variables and accident-prevention techniques. We call this kind of action “risk management.” We evaluate our services, the settings in which they are presented, the people who interact with you and others in your surroundings, and the questions we ask you. Everyone has the right to feel safe and secure. If you feel uncomfortable, kindly let us know.

We Comply With The NDIS Regulations When There Is An Incident

Rearranging the Information

Everyone has the right to be treated fairly. You have a right to know what went wrong and what is being done to put things right if you were the victim of a crime. If you don’t get these answers, you can file a complaint. We will always keep you informed. We wish to treat you with dignity. You have the right to help if you’re unhappy with our complaints process.
The NDIS Commission may be able to assist you, or an advocate can offer to speak on your behalf.
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